I Believe

What does it mean to believe in Jesus?  How does our faith grow?  I Believe is a four week curriculum that answers these questions and reminds children of all ages that our faith needs to be rooted in Christ.  As we remember who Jesus is and what He did on the cross, we will be encouraged to grow in Truth this Easter season.

Your Download Includes:

• 4 music videos from Go Fish with lyrics on screen (Songs: I Believe, Christ Arose, Christ The Lord Is Risen Today, Lord I Lift Your Name On High
• 4 karaoke videos
• Large Group activity and opening time for each lesson
• Small Group Bible Lessons
• Worksheets with activities for each lesson
• All video files in easy to use MP4 format for both PCs and Mac computers*
• All lessons, manuals, coloring sheets, and much more in easy-to-print and email PDF format
• Print Music & Lyric Files for the worship songs

*Please Note: You will have the option of purchasing the physical DVD at checkout.  This is highly recommended if you use a DVD player as your primary form of video playback.

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Lesson 1: I Believe Jesus is the Son of God

Because Jesus is God’s only Son, He knows the secrets and mysteries of the kingdom of heaven. He knows firsthand what it means to have a relationship with the Father and was humble enough to leave His throne to share some of those mysteries with us!

In this lesson children will be reminded that believers are chosen by God to hear His Word. They will also learn through Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 13 how the condition of their heart plays an important role in their faith. Believing in Jesus means trusting that God will show us who He is through His Word and through His Son.

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Lesson 2: I Believe Jesus is the Sacrifice for Sin

Jesus’ act of love on the cross was the ultimate sacrifice and it is only through Him that we can be forgiven. In addition to learning that everyone sins and falls short, children will read about Peter in Luke 22. Even though Peter was one of Jesus’ disciples and told Jesus that he would die for Him, he fell short by denying Him three times. They will see how Peter’s faith grew when he received forgiveness from Jesus and how he went on to lead others to Christ.

Believing in Jesus means trusting in Him with our whole heart. Not just when things are going well, but in the hard times too.

Lesson 3: I Believe Jesus is the Risen King

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is historical and undeniable. Many kings have come and gone, but Jesus is still on His throne. His tomb is empty because Jesus is alive! Children will be reminded that the resurrection of Jesus displayed God’s power and love. They will learn that believing in Jesus means trusting that He is all we need. Nothing can compare to the power and love of God!

They will also continue their study of the Parable of the Sower and hear how Judas was distracted by the riches of the world in Matthew 26. Instead of trusting in Jesus, he was tempted to trust in money. The aim of this lesson is for children to know the power of God in their own lives because they live in Christ, the Risen King!

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Lesson 4: I Believe Jesus is Coming Back Again!

It’s time to celebrate, Jesus is risen indeed!

By reading the story of Thomas in John 20, children will learn that God knows exactly what we need in order to grow in our faith. Jesus told Thomas to stop doubting and believe! His words apply to us today. In this lesson children will be reminded that Jesus is the Son of God, the Sacrifice for Sin, and the Risen King.

By remembering who Jesus is, we can confidently live out our beliefs as we prepare for His return. Believing in Jesus means trusting that we will live forever with Him!