You're Invited to the ultimate pep rally!

The Bible is filled with examples of God’s people shouting and cheering in response to His mighty acts of power.  Victory invites children to do the same by remembering who God iswhat He has done, and what He promises to do!

Victory features music & videos from Go Fish combined with teaching that clearly presents the gospel of Jesus Christ while consistently modeling a high view of Scripture.  Along with snack, craft, and game rotations, children will build team unity as they compete for the spirit stick, create cheers of praise, and worship God together!

Your Download Includes:

  • All curriculum videos in easy to use .mp4 video format

  • All manuals (Bible Study, Preschool, Snacks, Crafts, Games, & Opening & Closing)

  • Complete elementary & preschool programs

  • Skit Scripts (1 for each day)

  • Promotional Items (promo video, files for flyers, posters, banners & more!)

  • All Art Files (logos, cartoon characters, daily theme posters, rotation station posters, t-shirt artwork, and more!)

Please note:  You will also have the option of purchasing the physical DVDs for this curriculum when you complete your download.  This is highly recommended if you use a DVD player as your primary form of video playback.

Victory is designed to be a 3-hour VBS that can easily be modified to fit any format.

Rotation materials include: Opening Pep Rally (Worship & Skit), Bible Study, Game Day Souvenirs (Crafts), Concessions & Cheer Creation, Games, and Closing Pep Rally (Worship).

Involve your community by inviting your local high school drumline, cheerleading squad, or marching band to help kick off your VBS!