Now This Grandma Gets It!

Photo by KarenHBlack/iStock / Getty Images

We recently launched my new Big Daddy Jam album, Changin’ The Game, by selling 50 copies for only $50. The idea behind this promotion was to make it cost effective for you to give this new CD to families who haven’t yet heard my music. While this annual event has always been a lot of fun, this year the amount of CDs we shipped was double what we’ve done in past years. Needless to say, I’m excited!

One of my favorite parts of this promotion is getting feedback on the creative ways my music ends up getting used by you. I received the following email recently and it reminded me how amazing people can be. All I can say is this grandma gets it!


I wanted to share what we did last year and will do again this year with this wonderful deal you’ve given us. I’ve been a huge fan of Go Fish for years! My grandkids are grown now but they were raised on y’alls music when visiting with us. My husband and I began a prison ministry 7 years ago. We teach a Building Dads of Integrity class once a week at the prison in Wilmington, NC. Once a month we have a family day where the dads and their children have an afternoon together to play games, do crafts, and have a light meal. Dad also prepares a devotion to do with his children. At Christmas each year we have a big party where the dads and their children have a Christmas meal together at a fully decorated table. We provide a gift for dad to wrap and give his child and we send each child home with a goodie bag. Wanna guess what one of the items in the goodie bag will be!?! Yep, last year Go Fish cds! This year Big Daddy Jam, Changin’ the Game! So thank you for the great deal because otherwise we wouldn’t be able to afford to do this. By the way, Ten Commandment Boogie and It’s About the Cross are my two favorites. May the Lord bless you as you continue to reach our children with your music!

Jill LaCour

Jill told me in another email that helping inmate dads and their children stay connected is one of the most successful ways to keep dad from returning to prison. What an amazing ministry and I am humbled and honored to be a part of it. Please pray that God would bless the LaCour family along with the inmates and their families this Christmas!

Jamison Statema